More adventures…

Let me start off by saying that I love going on adventures. If you haven’t noticed that by now and my previous posts, then I suggest you take a look at them because I find them quite fun to read (even though I wrote them). This particular post features two trips that we took. One to Barcelona and another to Milan.

The trip to Barcelona was only Mati and I. A few days before the weekend, we sat down and bought tickets and booked the hotel where Mati did his internship. Ohla Barcelona is a beautiful hotel. Easy to get to, amazing interior and the exterior of it just represents exactly what Barcelona is. I didn’t really like Barcelona before I went there that particular weekend. I’m not sure if it was because I have an amazing travel buddy, or maybe because I just saw the city differently than before.

That weekend we didn’t really do much. We did go to a football match. My first football match, in fact. It was Barca against Sevilla, which I’m guessing was a pretty good first match to go to. It was an interesting experience for sure. I’ve been to a lot of hockey games before (because I just really like hockey), but it’s still different. Here’s why. In my opinion, football games are less dramatic. Maybe it’s because I never really took a huge interest in football, so I was lacking enthusiasm. Whenever I go to hockey games, I’ll most likely end up losing my voice the following day. Long story short, football isn’t my thing, but I can see myself gaining a little more enthusiasm for it in the future. The rest of the days we just spent either in bed or on the rooftop of the hotel.

The flight back to Geneva was definitely the low of the trip. I’m okay with flying, but I was never a huge fan of it. I’m fine if there’s no turbulence or no clouds. But on this flight, there was a storm. Not just hard wind and rain, but more like lightning and thunder. Plus I sat by the window, which definitely did not help. Mati was an angel though. He tried to calm me down by giving me his music (even though I had my own), hugging me and obviously telling me that we’re not gonna die. He eventually swapped seats with me because I was starting to panic. But in the end, we landed in Geneva safely and got back to Bluche without crashing the car (almost).

Next Weekend!!!!

Alright, this was definitely a fun-filled weekend. In September, as a band, we decided to take a trip to Milan. So we did. We got an Airbnb (first time for a lot of us), Mati and I got tickets to the ATP Next Gen Finals and a Bryan Adams concerts, and in November we set out on the road. There was 7 of us, so we took 2 cars. In our car, it was Mati, two Leandros, and I. That was definitely an interesting road trip.

img_2670The first night, Mati and I went to the ATP Next Gen Finals. I think it was my first time at a proper tennis game. The atmosphere was really nice and the place, in general, was really cool. Of course, Mati had the time of his life since he’s a tennis fanatic. The moment you walked into the venue, it felt like you were in the future. Or at least I felt like that. There were a lot of different stands and just a lot of different things to look at. I felt a little lost because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to look.

The next day a few of us went to walk around Milan. I’ve never been in Milan before, and my dream was to go shopping there. Which we did and which I don’t regret…except the amount of money I spent. Walking around Milan really reminded me of Prague, so I felt a little homesick.


The architecture, the streets, the people. Something about the city is really similar to Prague. We then split away from the rest of the group, went to get lunch and then went back to the apartment to take a nap (as always). That night we were off to see Bryan Adams in concert. I’ve listened to him before, but not actively. Well not until I met Mati because he listens to a lot of Bryan Adams. On the way to the venue, I managed to fall asleep in the taxi. I don’t know why but I’ve literally been falling asleep everywhere. We got to the venue and waited in line for 45 minutes to get inside. Eventually, the concert started. I have to admit that he sounds amazing live. Not only that, but he is a really good performer. That night we actually ended up in, what we thought, was the shadiest part of the city. A little bar in a dark street that served amazing, but strong, cocktails. I don’t remember the name of it, but it was definitely worth going. Except for the fact that it was really cold when we went.

On the last day, the group split up again. But this time by the groups of the cars. We ended up walking for hours around the city just to find one restaurant which was full. I’m not complaining about walking for so long because I did get to enjoy the city a little more before I left, but still, it was really cold. Now comes the most exciting (note the sarcasm) part of the trip. The ride back.

img_2727Now, the ride back was definitely something unexpected. We decided to take the auto-train back to Switzerland. Not sure exactly how these trains are called, but they’re the ones that carry the cars. We missed the first one that we wanted to take and then waited an hour for the next one without driving out of the line. The reason we didn’t take the Simplon Pass is that there was a lot of snow and we didn’t have winter tires. Eventually, we get on the train and get to Bluche. At this point, Mati was driving just in case it started snowing. When we were two minutes away from campus, literally two minutes, it was snowing so heavily that the road had a good 10cm of snow, if not more. Let me remind you again that we didn’t have winter tires. So, we park the car, the guys get out and start figuring out how to put the snow chains on. They got the chains on after a few tries but one of them pops off the wheel and gets stuck in the car. We couldn’t do anything about that and we obviously couldn’t drive the car. Luckily a friend came to pick us up and all of our stuff and we did make it back to campus.

Moral of the story – ALWAYS get winter tires before it starts snowing…



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