Introducing…My Confusing Story

Welcome to my story.

Behind every blog, is a writer. Or in my case, just a girl who wants to share her life story with you.

Here’s a snippet of who I am. My name is Daniella (if you haven’t read the ‘about’ page). I was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic but my family is Russian, Israeli, Romanian, Polish and probably every other Slovak-ish country you could think of. Myself? Well, I’m Czech/Israeli/Romanian. That is honestly a very short version of where I’m from.


In my spare time, I keep myself busy with music and writing. I grew up in a very musical family where I was taught how to play piano and guitar. Honestly, my passion is singing. I write a lot of my own songs but I never perform them because I just don’t know when and where.


May 2017 I graduated from high school and I started studying at Les Roches. It’s a university that basically specializes in a hospitality degree (no, hospitality is not only for hotels). I chose a global course which allows me to travel all over the world. My first semester, which I just finished, was based in a tiny village in Switzerland called Bluche. In February, I start my second semester in Shanghai, China and then my third semester is in Marbella, Spain. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog in the first place.



While studying at Les Roches, I met the love of my life. During our semester together, we traveled to so many cities, just for the weekends. My adventures have never been better and I have found my perfect travel buddy. But more about him later 😉

Currently, I’m on a two and a half month Christmas break. I know it is a long time, but the academic calendars in China are a little different than in Europe. I have a lot of trips planned which will definitely help me with content ideas for the blog. I’m going to be traveling to places I’ve never been before, like South Africa and Argentina (which I’m really really excited about). Traveling has always been a passion of mine, and I’m really grateful for the opportunities I have.

So stayed tuned for more posts 🙂




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